Mobility is one of the potential factors in contributing to the spread of COVID-19. Our goal is to estimate the effect of state-wide …

The goal of this project is to construct a model for a given sentence and the label sentiment to predict what phrases in the sentence …

We explore the potential of creating new recipes via text data. Our goal has two folds. First, we aim to classify the cuisine based on …

In this work, we would like to explore the characteristics of this bike share system and try to come up with recommendations to provide …

This report is an analysis of STAR (Student-Teacher Achievement Ratio) project data specifically targeted the 1st graders’ dataset with …

It classifies fraudulent credit card transactions based on the result of a PCA transformation. We explore various classic …

We aim to resolve the traditionally tedious and time consuming task of determining the age of abalone by constructing predictive models …

We aim to train a classifier to accurately classify a person whether or not has a heart disease problem. The dataset is provided by UCI …

This work provides insights on how to design a neural network to work with spam filtering problem.

We estimated probabilities for tetrahedral and triangular dice using the sphere projection method and multivariate calculus. To test …

This project predicts the patient inflow at Pali Momi Hospital’s Emergency Room (ER) and provides recommendations for how to …


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Homegrown exit surveys tend to expand over time to include everything but the kitchen sink. This session outlines how a small …

This poster outlines steps our student research team at BYU-Hawaii took to answer this question. Results from factor analysis, a review …



Data Scientist Intern

Experian DataLabs

May 2022 – Aug 2022 Costa Mesa
  • Researched on interpretability of the ledgers of transaction in blockchain.

Research Assistant

Purdue University

Aug 2021 – May 2026 West Lafayette
  • Researching on causal inference and reinforcement learning.

Graduate Student Researcher

Healthy Davis Together

Apr 2021 – Jun 2021 Davis, CA
  • Evaluated the causal effects of tiering system based on Blueprint for a Safer Economy on mobility in California under potential confounding signals.

Investment Analyst

Newday Impact Investing

Sep 2020 – May 2021 San Francisco, CA
  • Selected companies from S&P 500 that account for the variance of stock price based on principal component analysis to aid decisions making on portfolio construction with back-testing.
  • Leveraged partner company’s sustainable portfolio data by transfer learning to increase F1-score from 0.5 to 0.75 on classifying 1:16 imbalanced sustainable companies based on metrics developed by Newday.

Data Analytics Intern

Newday Impact Investing

Jun 2020 – Sep 2020 San Francisco, CA
  • Documentation of exploratory data analysis of thematic equity portfolios.
  • Research on impact data accessibility and integrity for publicly traded companies.
  • Development of financial, statistical, and investment models to construct and manage thematic equity portfolios.
  • Report findings and insights of research to the Investment Committee on a weekly basis.

Teaching Assistant

UC Davis

Sep 2019 – Mar 2021 Davis, CA
  • Courses Taught:
  • BAX 422 Data Design & Representation
  • BAX 441 Statistical Exploration and Reasoning
  • BAX 400 Foundations of Analytics
  • BAX 463 Practicum Analysis and Implementation
  • 12Y Data visualization for social sciences

Associate Consultant Intern

Dell EMC

Jul 2019 – Sep 2019 Hong Kong
  • System Testing: Designed and implemented test cases for user authentication using MS SQL Server for the human resources manpower information system of Hong Kong Vocational Training Council which has 1000+ staff.

Research Analyst Intern, Institutional Research

Brigham Young University-Hawaii

Aug 2018 – Jun 2019 Laie, HI
  • Tableau: Organized a site on Tableau Server, built visualizations with row-level security using Tableau Desktop to allow 100+ faculty members to view their course evaluation feedbacks in real-time.
  • Oracle SQL developer: This is an integrated development environment for working with SQL in Oracle databases. Expedited creating new data tables to provide live visualizations via Tableau for institutional research projects.

Research Assistant Supervisor, Institutional Research

Brigham Young University-Hawaii

Sep 2017 – Jun 2018 Laie, HI
  • Data Warehousing: Spearheaded a change in the existing ETL workflow from downloading files on an HTML interface of Oracle PeopleSoft to directly connecting Tableau with data sources such as Qualtrics and Oracle databases for reporting.
  • R: Initiated to apply factor analysis to reduce the dimensionality of the graduating student surveys. Experienced in exploring and cleaning data via ggplot2, dplyr, stringr, and reshape2.


Brigham Young University

Jun 2017 – Sep 2017 Provo, UT
  • Network Reconstruction: Utilized system theory to reconstruct a network from Twitter data based on topics extracted from tweets to examine a potential causal relationship among Twitter users.
  • Data Collection: Retrieved streaming messages from Twitter by using tweepy, a Python wrapper on the Twitter API, and stored the data in MongoDB, a NoSQL database. The entire process is implemented on AWS EC2.
  • Natural Language Processing: Processed tweets collected from Twitter by using numpy, pandas, gensim, and word2vec in Python to convert tweets into topics and the corresponding numeric signals.